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MDoc Benefit

MDoc is new initiative for faster document verification process and stop the fraud of certificates, which will be helpful for any type of industry. MDoc develops trusted and permanent authorized information about each documents / certificates. This is security best practice for the industries and assure data security. MDoc is QR code based which save and secure the authorized data. This can be used by IT & ITes/ BPO/ KPO / medical/ chemical / Civil / Jewelry / & many more industries, where any type of document/ certificate verification is require
This system will enhance the image of all type Indian industries as one that has raised the bars on stopping fraud document and excel the verification process. This will promote industry's claim for bigger share of global business on one hand and will reduce the cost of document check. Some of the MDoc benefits are

For Industry & Country

  • Global Clients confidence.
  • Industry wide common accepted standards for background check practices.
  • Image enhancement as a secure and authorized document provider.
  • Comfort to the client as the industry uses a standard practice and build up a verification process, which is faster and transparent.
  • Differentiate from other as trying to stop the fake certificate in market.
  • One document one MDoc : ensure each document / certificate have unique identity in standard way.
  • Online central system to check the authorized data of MDoc from anywhere, anytime.
  • Saving the background check time and cost.

For Background Checkers and Professionals

  • MDoc provides a standard document verification process for all empanelled background checkers and hence becomes basic for uniform process and result and market acceptance.
  • MDoc provides authorized data in standard formats directly entered by companies.
  • MDoc provide a platform which can be used to conduct verification.
  • Having permanent authentic data on industry-wide database.
  • Enhance credibility of registered documents / Certificates.
  • Document verification in very quick time.
  • Professional can use MDoc as a authorized certificate.

What Could be Better Solution to over come fake certificate and time taking verification process, It's MDOC.