MDoc Feature /

Verification @ finger tip

MDoc Feature

The main idea to develop the MDoc is to stop the fake certificate and fast the verification process. It is helpful for all type of user whether they are companies, verification agencies or resources. MDoc can be accessed from anywhere any time, wherever internet facilities is available.
MDoc introduce new way for document verification process which can verify any type of certificate and document

The key component of MDoc that it can be used in any type of document including education certificate, experience certificate, relieving letter, offer letter, increment letter, invoice, etc.


  • Verification at fingertip.

  • Stop fake certificate

  • Safe to use: Chances for fraud / misleads can be avoided / minimized .

  • Round the clock access

  • Authentic and accurate verification system at finger tip

  • Quick verification without any third party.

  • Convert Any Documents To Digital Documents.


  • Easy way to stop the fraud of certificate
  • Verification will be much faster
  • No need to disturb the HR for verification
  • Valuable Time of HR will be saved
  • Best Practice in Industry