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MDoc is set-up and managed by Minder Infosystem Pvt. Ltd. MDoc is a Minder initiative to have a robust and credible information repository about all certificate /degree/ invoice/ offer letter, etc. in the industry. This develops trusted and permanent fact sheet of information about each certificate/degree. This is a security best practice for the industry and assures quick verification, industry acceptance to honest professionals. MDoc is a web-based system hosting a fact sheet of information about certificate/degree issue by any industry. This can be used by IT & ITes / BPO/ KPO / medical/ chemical / Civil / Jewelry / & many more industries, where any type of document/ certificate verification is require.
This system will enhance the image of all type Indian industries as one that has raised the bars on stopping fraud document and excel the verification process. This will promote industry's claim for bigger share of global business on one hand and will reduce the cost of document check. Some of the MDoc benefits are