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Fake certification & time taking verification process

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In today's security conscious world, Background Verifications have become the norm of the day. The awareness regarding the seriousness of verification has increased among organizations. Background screening has become part of the standard outsourcing contract and therefore, Indian companies continue to proactively adopt it as part of their business process. Now a days Background Verification is a part of hiring process, but still current process having drawback like, time taken in verification and verification able to stop the use of fake certificates and document.
Identify Fake Certificate, Degrees and Documents are major challange for companies and verifier agencies. Fraud of certificates continues to be a big problem worldwide and more so in India. Of the companies surveyed, globally 40% reported experiencing fraud certificate during a year. The situation is poor, with 40% organizations reporting that they suffered from fake certificates during a year. It is wake-up call for India, The private sector must implement fraud prevention measures and focus on ethics to reduce frauds

Corporate India now has its own Private Eye. Faced with increasing instances of fudged data from job applicants, companies are hiring professional background verifiers.

Long Hiring & Verification Process

  • Presently, the organization are focused towards finding a good fit candidate the job description in respect to technical and soft skills. The line managers are normally involved in conduction the technical interviews and the human resource manager are normally involve in checking the cultural fir and discussing the salary packages etc.
  • As shown in above image, there is long time interval between candidate hiring, joining and verification process
  • According to survey, 40% candidate having some wrong information in resume about their previous employer and educational background.
  • To get verification responses, already a long duration had been wasted of the company and they get nothing in hand. They have to fire the fraud candidate and rehire another candidate.

Verification Process engage Human Resource

  • Employee changing their jobs and verification is essential
  • Mostly verification is done by verification agencies once candidate submit there all certificates/ document to company
  • Verification agencies start to contact previous employer HR person through e-mail, call or personal visit to get data verified.
  • HR has to revert each and every verification enquiry
  • HR always has to leave there important work and search the candidate profile
  • After searching candidate detail, HR need to responses to each verification call.
  • Many more background verification like this in a month for company.
  • More and more verification, HR need to spend more and more hours to response.