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Big Headache for Recruiters

Fake Certificate

In the IT Industry, the biggest problem for recruiters are those candidates who show fake work experience in their resumes and while attending interviews. It is becoming a major problem and there is an increase in the number of candidates who show fake experience. It can be their work experience, education and references. is a system by which we can have quickly verify documents.
Such candidates come up with fake pay slips, relieving letter and experience certificate. A lot of candidates from all over India have been practicing this. When a professional changes his job, he usually tries to negotiate better terms and salary from his new employer. For this reason most people try to exaggerate their salary, duration of their work, responsibility they held and sometimes even their education.

Why do candidates show fake experience?

The reason is simple - they want to work at a higher position with higher salary. They don’t want to struggle and grow. These type of candidates look only for shortcuts in life.
If someone is being unethical during the time of interview, how can we trust them in corporate organizations with so much confidential information?
With the number of candidates giving wrong information in their applications rising, recruiters are now employing the services of specialised companies for background verification of the applicants.

Background verification

We have found that almost four out of 10 applicants give some or other form of inaccuracies in their resumes, V. Sridhar, associate vice-president, operations, at a background verification company,Crederity , said.
Background verification takes 15 to 20 days to finish and can cover a range of issues from employment verification, reference checks.