MDoc Process /

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MDoc Process

The main idea to develop the MDoc is to stop the fake certificate and fast the verification process. It is helpful for all type of user whether they are companies, verification agencies or resources. MDoc can be accessed from anywhere any time, wherever internet facilities is available.
Process to create MDoc is very easy and handy to all. .

MDoc Creation Process

  • Very first stepping stone for creating MDoc is to enter the detail in the MDoc application.
  • During the Creation of MDoc, the HR / Authorized person should ensure to enter correct information only.
  • It is informed that each MDoc information becomes permanent and can be subjected to background verification and is used for reference by companies.
  • This is expected to build a good deterrence and hygiene system for the companies and protect the interests of honest and credible professional's data.
  • All the details captured are such data as are Objective and Factual and that can be subjected to source verification.
  • MDoc application will provide an Acknowledgement, once the MDoc will succefully generated.

MDoc Verification Process

  • MDoc verification involves data verification to establish its authorized and then reporting the same on the system against the document.
  • This in a way brings Certification and credibility to registered Doc.
  • This makes for a credible and permanent data which is quickly available on a central system.
  • Once the verifier scan the MDoc with specific equipment, he can able to see the authorized data from MDoc server.
  • MDoc system maintains permanent record of all the details and the results, so that same information need not be verified repeatedly.
  • The MDoc data enter by company authorized person can be seen by the companies as well as by the professional.