MDoc System & Security /

Verification @ finger tip

MDoc System

MDoc developed with keeping in mind that certificates/degree/ document need to verify from anyone & anywhere.The Verifier, whether verifier agency, companies, professionals or end user can check the authorized data anytime, so MDoc is designed to be web based verification system.
Users can access MDoc anytime, from anywhere, wherever internet connection is available.
Easy way to create MDoc After filling & submission through MDoc application, MDoc issues an Order No. It will help to track the doc in feature.
Tool Tips and guidance is available at all point where is needed.
Unique Code will be provided to each and every MDoc.
Optional Alert / Emails are provided on generation of MDoc with Order no. and other MDoc details.
Redundancies are built at all levels ensuring high availability of MDoc setup.

MDoc security: Optional feature

  • Only Authorized person can create the MDoc The authorized person can enters the details in MDoc Application, so that authenticity of information is ensured and MDoc data can be verified anytime & anywhere.
  • Login Passwords Authorized person needs to enter passwords to create the MDoc.
  • Hardware Lock (Optional) Separate Hardware lock will be provided to ensure higher access security.
  • Uniqueness of MDoc MDoc seeks to ensure a unique Code for all the MDoc created. Uniqueness among millions of doc is achieved through tested and proprietary mechanism.
  • Data Access Controls (optional) verifier can view / use the MDoc to check authorized data. Direct access of the data can be restricted on demand. This ensures privacy of information to all registered MDoc.

MDoc security: Technical feature

  • Network Access Security Network Access Security is ensured by using Intrusion Detection System (IDS), firewall and setting up segregation of access using different zones of firewall.
  • Data Security Data is secured even during transmission on internet as 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption is enforced for user access to the website. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate is obtained from reputed certificate issuing agency. This also provides authenticity of website.
  • Secure Access Enterprise users like user Companies, can create the MDoc only with the secure password and hardware lock (optional)
  • Audit Trail Audit Trail is maintained in the database for all the relevant actions / performed events by the users.
  • Password Management Strong Password Management policy including password complexity structure password expiry etc. is implemented.